The Use of Assistive Technology in Retirement Communities

More baby boomers are leaving active employment when they are still relevant and able to do some work. Most of them have young children that are capable and willing to take care of them. Thus, many of them are joining retirement communities for that independent but assisted living. The communities have been investing in technology to spice up an otherwise boring retirement life, and enable remote monitoring of the elderly, whether living on-campus or in the larger community.

Most retirees have been working with computers and other devices for most of their career lives. Thus, they are still able to work on the devices to achieve what they want. To this end, the retirement homes are setting up computer labs and others campus-wide Wi-Fi solutions to enable the elderly to access the internet on their own devices, or in computer labs. The internet enables the elderly to keep updated with what is happening, and communicate more easily with their families.

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